Past Events

Gadsby's Tavern Museum Society has held many types of events over the years. Most have been held in Gadsby's Tavern Museum where our activities are helping to keep the Tavern alive and using the historic building the way it was meant to be used. Here are pictures from a few of the most memorable ones

Mystery Night at the Museum

Part play / part interactive mystery game / part dessert party, 75 people came together to solve a mystery proposed by two local authors. The performance was presented in conjunction with Zebra Press as was reported in our own Newsletter. Attendees also left with signed copies of the new mystery novel Gadsby’s Corner by John Wasowicz.

The Best Bib & Tucker Balls

Clicking on the images below take you to the extensive series of pictures and a few video clips of the GTMS BB&T Balls that were held over the last few years. To ensure that we don't miss anyone's favorite memory of the Balls, you will have access to all the pictures our official photographers took that night. Enjoy!


Black & White Masquerade Ball