Gadsby's 6th Annual
Tavern Dog Contest Saturday, April 27th

Rookie, 3rd Place Tavern Dog 2013
Charlie, the 2013 Tavern Dog
The 2013 Gadsby's
Tavern Dog

Oliver, 2nd Place Tavern Dog 2013
Cocker Spaniel
American Foxhound
German Shepard Mix

In the 18th Century dogs were highly valuable companions. Helpful in hunting and guarding, they were even frequently traded as a form of currency. Our Tavern Dog helps represent Gadsby's Tavern Museum in Alexandria parades and at other events.  All of our winners have marvelous stories of their own to tell:
  • Charlie Landon is an American Foxhound, the State Dog of Virginia, which is appropriate since the breed was originated when George Washington bred English Foxhounds with a French Foxhound given to him by General Lafayette. More about Charlie and his breed
  • Oliver Plante is a German Shepard mix who was already famous as the star of both a book My Wingman Oliver  by Randy Plante and a "social website for dog people"
  • Rookie Schmidt is a perennial favorite at Gadsby's Tavern Dog Contests having placed in the running two times in a row. He even comes dressed in his own 18th century style tri-corner hat.
Pictures of our winners and all of this year's contestants:
  • See our Ken Burns-style "movie" now on the GTMS YouTube Channel.  
  • See our Tavern Dog Hall of Fame for pictures of previous winners and participants.
  • See (and buy prints of) all the pictures taken (including some edits) by the GTMS photographer at our Shutterfly site. The Password is woofwoof
Generous Donors: The winners and all the contestants received fabulous prizes donated by these generous pet-friendly businesses:
Proceeds support of Gadsby's Tavern Museum and the Ice Well Renovation Campaign.  Contestants' families became members of Gadsby's Tavern Museum Society for the year.