Karhy Kelly was a docent at Gadsby's Tavern Museum for over 40 years. She was a Life Member of GTMS and served on the GTMS Executive Board for 12 years.  For many of those years, Kathy was the GTMS Treasurer.  

Kathy's involvement in Gadsby's went back to a time when it was assumed that the Tavern had been built before the Revolutionary War and her costumes at the time reflected that interpretation.

While normally a historic fashionista, she was happy to play other roles including the Ghost of the Female Stranger during Historic Hauntings Nights.

 GTMS wants to acknowledge her dedicated service to Gadsby's Tavern Museum and the other Historic Alexandria sites and projects including the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum, the George Washington Symposiums, and the George Washington Birthday Celebration Committee. To honor Kathy's memory, GTMS is hosting a campaign to purchase a Memorial Bench in her name.

The bench is currently outside Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum (201 S. Washington St.). The Memorial plaques read:

Should you wish to contribute to this memorial to Kathy's memory, you can:
  • Send a check to Gadsby's Tavern Museum (136 N. Royal St., Alexandria, VA 22314) made out to GTMS indicating the check is for the Kathy Kelly Memorial 
  • Use the online system for PayPal or credit cards below
The suggested donation levels are $50 / $100 / $250 or whatever you wish to give.
  • Excess funds will go to support plantings around the bench.
Should you wish to become Alexandria's next Volunteer Extraordinaire, see