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Great Gadsby Ice Melt Contest!

posted Feb 15, 2011, 6:54 PM by Gadsby's Tavern Museum Society
Sunday, Feb 21st, is the kick-off of Gadsby’s Great Ice Block Event.  The big question: How long will a large ice block (6,000 lbs!) really last using 18th century ice storage techniques?  You can buy a raffle ticket, guess the melt-away date, and if you are right, you win! Prizes include diamonds, crystal, and icy drinks! 

You will be able to follow the ice block’s journey of survival in Gadsby’s Historic Ice Well through updates by Museum staff and their scientific consultants as they answer the question, “When will it really melt?”   
In the early days of the Ice Well Mr. Gadsby was selling ice right into the summer.  (If you want to see more information on the history of the website, see the GTMS Ice Well slide show

For more information about the Ice Block Melting contest see the Museum's Ice Melt Flyer: