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Ice Well Melting Contest

After 51 days, the 6300 lbs of ice placed in Gadsby's 18th century ice well finally melted.  The carefully watched (by webcam) ice pile provided the basis of a contest to guess when it would melt.  The appropriately icy prizes (diamonds from Today's Cargo, Waterford crystal, and an icy drinks gift certificate from the PX Lounge) have been awarded to the 3 people who came closest to the final melt date -- April 9th.
For the first time in over a century, Gadsby's Ice Well held ice.  Using 18th century technology, the ice well maintained a steady 41 degree temperature. 
Profits from the Ice Melt Contest will go towards the renovations needed to repair the ice well and make it a more visible and interesting experience for visitors.
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Only 3 people picked the exact right day -- April 9th.  Their names were placed in a hat and the order of prizes was determined:
1st - Peggy Baker, a visitor from Maryland (diamond bracelet)
2nd - Pat Sowers, intrepid costumed ticket seller guessed the date way back in February (Waterford crystal set)
3rd - Anne Bernat, appropriately enough, our former chair of the Ice Well Committee (PX gift certificate)
The Ice Well Blog lives on! Check it out for more icy trivia including historical facts about 18th century ice and ice wells.
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