George Washington 
Supported Gadsby's Tavern 
in the 18th Century
& Again
in the 21st Century as a Contributor to
The GTMS Endowment 

You Can, Too!

The Gadsby’s Tavern Museum Society (GTMS) plans to support the long-term viability of the Gadsby’s Tavern Museum by establishing an endowment fund. The initial capital to fund the Endowment will consist of the amount bequeathed by the Kathy Kelly estate and $10,000 from existing Society funds as well as funds raised by the auctioning of the early 19th century miniature portrait of George Washington donated Mr. Thomas Seligman of California.

Further contributions to the Endowment will include any amounts provided for lifetime membership to GTMS and funds raised by specially endowment-related events. Contributions to the Endowment will also be sought by the GTMS Board from individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, other grantors, and additional sources as approved by the GTMS Board.

Once the Endowment grows to $100,000, the GTMS Board will determine the amount to be distributed on an annual basis. The amount will be a percentage of the Endowment according to the following:
  • A distribution percentage of the Endowment agreed to by GTMS Board not to exceed 5% of the 3-year average corpus value
  • An average of the Endowment for the past three fiscal years (end of fiscal year net asset value)
  • Final formula: Distribution Percentage X 3-year Average Corpus Value = Distribution Amount. 
The Museum Staff shall submit to the GTMS Board a plan and budget for which the distribution shall be used. The plan and budget must be approved by the GTMS Board before any monies are disbursed to the Museum.
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