Historic Ice Well
Pet Brick Contest

Participants will purchase an Ice Well Bicentennial Brick used in the 1970s ice well restoration and removed for the 2012 renovation.  Purchase of this tiny commemorative piece of Gadsby’s recent history will help support the necessary renovations and enhancements currently underway. 

The bricks, made by Alexandria’s now-defunct Calvert Brick Company will come with a certificate of authenticity – to be sent to participants at a later date.

Grand Prize in the Pet Brick Contest will be $100, awarded for the best overall entry.  There will also be 2nd and 3rd place winners and a special prize for the Coolest Brick – the one that best relates to the Ice Well.  Here are the rules:

       Purchase a brick for $20 at the Gadsby's Tavern Museum

       Fill out the Pet Brick form with your name, address, phone number and email and leave it with the Museum staff.

       Decorate the brick as you see fit.  Include identifying initials somewhere on the brick.

·       Bricks may be decorated, carved, and/or embellished in any manner. 

·       The term “Pet Brick” is not intended to limit entries to representations of animate companions but rather to suggest something that people might find entertaining or comforting to have in their presence – think “Pet Rock”).

       Return the brick to the Museum by September 16th in a plastic bag containing identifying information about the participants.

Judging criteria will include creativity, workmanship, imagination, and durability.  Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.