Support the Ice Well Renovations!
Buy a piece of Ice Well History!

In  the early 1970s the historic circa 1793 Ice Well outside of Gadsby's Tavern was stabilized and opened up for viewing on the corner of Cameron and N. Royal Streets -- just in time for Alexandria's Bicentennial celebrations.  Bricks from that renovation 4 decades ago have been removed in preparation for a new round of renovations and improvements.  Many of these bricks are now available for purchase.  Your purchase of a GTMS Bicentennial Brick supports the 2012 Gadsby’s Ice Well Renovation & Enhancement. 

Ice Well Label

The bricks were made by Alexandria's now-defunct Calvert Brick Company.  "CALVERT" is impressed on one side of each of the Bicentennial Bricks.  They will be labeled and partially covered with felt so that the bricks can be used as either decorative pieces of history or as a useful ones such as a doorstops.  Each brick will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the Director of Gadsby's Tavern Museum and the GTMS President.

Our Bicentennial Bricks will be available shortly for $20 at Gadsby's Tavern Museum and GTMS events. Proceeds will help support the necessary 2012 renovations and improvements to the viewing area. 

Winners of the Gadsby's Tavern Ice Well Pet Brick Contest and a gallery of entries will be posted here shortly.