Frequently Asked Questions:


Who are the members of the GTMS?
    Members are primarily residents of Alexandria and Northern Virginia who believe in supporting the work done to preserve Gadsby's Tavern where interesting people have been gathering for over 225 years.  


When do we meet?
    There is a General Membership meeting once a year usually in June. 
    Members are invited to many special events over the year. See Happenings


What do we do?  Members support the Museum's mission by:
  • Volunteering their time and skills to support Museum events and activities
  • Attending Society functions -- emphasizing the fun part
  • Assist in efforts to raise funds for Museum activities.
  • Help keep the Tavern Museum the important, active part of the community it has been for over 200 years.
  • See pictures from some past GTMS events on the Events Pictures page.


Why should you join us?
  1. It's fun! 
  2. We are keeping alive traditions begun in the active life of a historic 18th century tavern.
  3. We are helping to preserve and protect a unique bit of interesting Alexandria history where George Washington danced, Thomas Jefferson spoke, and many more events took place.
  4. You'll have opportunities to feed or grow your interest in and knowledge of 18th and 19th Century events in Alexandria.


Where do we meet? 
Most events do take place at the Tavern Museum, but we frequently have fundraising events at other locations around Old Town.  For more information on upcoming GTMS activities, see the Calendar page.


How can you join us?
    Check out the Join Us page.