The GTMS 2021 Calendar celebrates Old Town Alexandria and Gadsby’s Tavern Museum Society’s place in it. Many of the calendar’s months highlight interesting sites, which you can see on a gentle walking tour around Old Town. The GTMS Calendar Walking Tour appears on the inside back cover of the calendar.

On your walk between the calendar sites, you will see many pleasant homes and other historic buildings, some of which are mentioned in our Along the Way
 hints. Most of the calendar sites are museums that are open to the public. A printable version of an enlarged map and walking directions is available here. Enjoy!

The links below will take you to more information about sites highlighted in the calendar.

 1. Gadsby’s Tavern Museum 
(134 N. Royal St.) 
where George Washington danced & dined
Gadsby's Tavern Museum

2. Gadsby’s Ice Well 
(Corner of N. Royal & Cameron)
The tavern's 18th century high tech 
refrigeration system

 3. Alexandria History Museum at the Lyceum
(201 S. Washington St.) 
Historic exhibits, lecture hall, gift shop and 
Alexandria visitor information

 4. Freedom House Museum 
(1315 Duke St.) 
Until 1836, offices of one of the largest slave 
trading companies in the country, now a museum

5. Little Theatre of Alexandria 
(600 Wolfe St) 
Founded in 1934, originally gave performances at 
Gadsby’s Tavern including for President Truman

 6. Murray-Dick-Fawcett House
(517 Prince St.) 
One of Alexandria’s earliest and best-preserved homes
Murray-Dick-Fawcett House

 7. Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum 
(105 S. Fairfax St.) 
Established in 1792 and operated until 1932 leaving 
behind a treasure trove of medicines & items
Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum

 8. Alexandria City Hall 
(301 King St.)
1871 reconstruction of the 1817 building which 
had burned down

The 2021 GTMS Calendar & Walking Tour
Calendars may be purchased for $10 at
the GTMS Annual Meeting
August 2nd, Lloyd House Garden, 4:00-6:00 PM)
or at the gift shops at
Gadsby's Tavern Museum and 
the Alexandria History Museum at the Lyceum.