GTMS 20TH Anniversary Celebration & Annual Meeting

20th Anniversary Annual GTMS Meeting

Outgoing President Danny Smith presides over the GTMS Annual Meeting &
20th Anniversary Celebration

See many more meeting pictures and videos in an album shot by Joey Wang.

Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille addresses GTMS

Mayor Bill Euille provides 
congratulatory remarks to GTMS

Founding Board Members
Founding Board Members Kim Sheridan, Lorrie Scattergood and Sue Walker with Mayor Bill Euille, OHA Director Lance Mallamo, and outgoing GTMS President Danny Smith

Past Presidents
Past GTMS Presidents:  Hugh Barton, Anne Bernat, Bruce Queen, Kim Sheridan, Danny Smith, Jeanne Defliesse, and Lorrie Scattergood with Mayor Euille & Lance Mallamo

Lifetime Members
Lifetime Members of
Gadsby's Tavern Museum Society
Full list of our "Lifers"

Tavern Cake

Tavern Cake Side
How to cut a 3-dimensional Tavern Cake
Back side of the amazing 3-D Tavern Cake!
It was tasty, too!
How to cut a 3-D Tavern Cake 

Out-going GTMS President Danny Smith and 
Incoming President Peggy Gross start 
from the back door.