GTMS Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

At the Annual Membership Reception and Business Meeting, GTMS celebrated its 
25th year of supporting historic Gadsby's Tavern Museum and elected new members and board officers.  All of this was in the room where it happened that George Washington celebrated his last birthdays and Thomas Jefferson celebrated his Inauguration.  

GTMS Treasurer Tony Constanzo, VP Russel Schearer,
Past President Nancy Kegan Smith, Membership Chair
Karen Byer, President Kay Zerwick


Gadsby’s Tavern Museum Society recently bought an important archival collection that significantly adds to the documentation of Gadsby's Tavern Museum. The Irwin Family Papers detail the business, shipping, and real estate enterprise from 1776-1925 of the Irwin family of Alexandria. The Irwin family owned the 1792 City Hotel (Gadsby's) from 1815 to 1929.

Thomas Irwin had business dealings with Mr. Gadsby, specifically related to Gadsby’s 1802 lease with John Wise. Museum staff members are still sorting out this complex financial partnership between Gadsby and Irwin, but because of that relationship, the Museum now has an original copy of Gadsby’s 1802 inventory! This document lists his assets from furniture to enslaved people by name.  It is the “holy grail” for the interpretation of the 1792 building.  Read more

The Society was able to purchase this collection and they donated it to the Museum. The collection will be scanned at some point in the future, and it will be made available to the public online.  The Museum offers a few sneak-peak snapshots on the Museum's Facebook page. The Society will continue to support the preservation of the collection and the research efforts that will bring to light more information about the history of our historic Tavern and its historic city.  

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Gadsby's Tavern Museum Society,
Mar 7, 2018, 9:15 AM